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Statement of Purpose

Cumbria Medical Services (CMS ) Specialist Services out of hospital

Our aim is to improve and enhance health care in Cumbria by providing a range of high quality intermediate level services delivered from our base at Cockermouth Community Hospital as well as Carlisle Healthcare South, Maryport Cottage Hospital, and Keswick Cottage Hospital, helping to bridge the divide between primary and hospital based care.

The community based service will strive to maintain good links with secondary care and involve other professionals in the care of our patients where it is in the patient’s best interest, i.e. referrals for specialist care and advice.


  • We provide patient centred care in dermatology, minor surgery, and ophthalmology, supported by consultants and specialist nurses, making sure the patient is involved fully in their treatment so they can make informed decisions about their care.
  • We offer a range of surgical procedures all performed under local anaesthetic, including hernia repair, no scalpel vasectomy, carpal tunnel and trigger finger release and diagnostic skin surgery.
  • The aim is to have reduced recovery time with less risk to the patient by using local anaesthetic. Maxillofacial surgery is carried out by our consultant plastic surgeon and a maxillofacial consultant.

Providing Services Closer to Home

  • We aim to deliver our services as close to home as possible, especially important for elderly or disabled patients, with patient experience paramount. We are able to make good use of the excellent facilities available in our community hospitals, which in turn, also helps to secure their future.
  • The objective is to reduce travel time and distance to save in personal travel costs, time off work and patient transport costs, and also to avoid wasting valuable resources.
  • With a patchy and infrequent public transport network and distances of up to 90 miles to travel to hospital on difficult roads, an accessible service is invaluable. 

Risk Assessment & Infection Control

Our aim is to improve and enhance health care in Cumbria by providing a range of high quality intermediate level services delivered in GP premises and community hospitals, thereby helping to bridge the divide between primary and hospital based care.

  • We use excellent, purpose built theatres which are maintained by Cumbria Partnership Foundation Trust, with whom we hold a service level agreement covering annual ventilation checks, equipment maintenance, cleaning and infection control.
  • We will maintain high clinical standards and monitor any post-operative complications and infections to ensure the infection rate remains minimal (less than 1%)
  • We will carry out regular clinical audits to ensure high standards of care.
  • Risk assessments and service level agreements are in place for each venue. We carry out our own infection control audits in addition to those carried out by the respective GP practices and hospitals so we can be satisfied high standards are maintained.

Waiting Times

We aim to deliver all our services in less than 12 weeks from GP referral with the majority of our patients seen and treated within 4 weeks.


  • To reduce the demand on Cumbria’s hospital services that are over stretched and suffering from major recruitment problems, as well as offering an alternative to hospital based care.
  • We believe that many services can be delivered safely and effectively in the community with outcomes that match, and in many cases exceed those delivered within hospital based care.

Patient feedback & Complaints

  • We will listen to our patient feedback and make changes where necessary to improve our service.
  • We will investigate thoroughly any complaint that comes into the service and act appropriately keeping the patient informed, so the patient can receive the best possible outcome.
  • We will provide comprehensive, up to date information on our website about all our services with good links to information on different conditions.
  • We will publish service quality reports annually on our website to allow the patient to make informed choices about the quality of care.

Spreading Expertise

We will hold regular education/training sessions for Cumbria’s GPs and nurses to aid knowledge in treating dermatological conditions, thereby reducing unnecessary referrals.

We will also provide support to other GPs to upskill and deliver as part of GP services and offer training in minor surgery techniques and diagnosing and treating hand/ upper limb conditions.

We will hold regular in house training sessions with our consultants who support and mentor our GPs with Special Interests, and hold meetings to discuss interesting and complex cases so we can ensure best practice at all times.

We will attend monthly skin cancer MDTs to discuss the best and most appropriate treatment for our patients.

The objective is to improve patient experience in Cumbria, allowing patients swift access to safe, high quality care, with significant savings in hospital based activity and transport costs.

Dr Fayyaz Chaudhri
Dr Martin White

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