Virtual Patient Participation Group

What do you think of our service?

Given the nature of our Service and the geographical spread of service centres it is proposed to form a Virtual Patient Participation Group (VPPG) and we would love to hear from patients who would be interested in contributing in any way to this.

This could be through PPG Meetings, by email, letter or via our website.

The aim is to:

  • Regularly review patient feedback to consider areas for improvement
  • Take into account views from GP practices, Healthwatch and the local hospitals.
  • Encourage patients to take greater responsibility for their own and their families health
  • Maintain regular communication with patients and practice
  • Carry out research into the views of patients using the service and discuss the findings with CMS.

 The VPPG is not a channel for complaints or to consider personal medical issues as there is a well-established system in place to deal with these. 

To contribute please email: [email protected]

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