Cumbria Medical Services Bursary

Cumbria Medical Services

Bursary for First Year Medical Students

Cumbria Medical Services is an NHS community dermatology and minor surgery service, delivered in our community hospitals and GP surgeries in Cumbria.

Each year CMS is pleased to offer up to 5 bursaries to Cumbrian students who have been accepted to study medicine at university.

The bursary programme aims to encourage and support those students living in households with a household income of less that £50,000 to apply to study medicine. Applications for the bursary can be made by following this link to the application form:

Written applications are encouraged by the end of April. Dr Chaudhri and Dr White usually have an informal conversation with the applicants over the phone about their aspirations and plans for the future.

The bursaries are awarded based on merit and evaluated from the student’s personal statement and a supporting statement from the school.

How much is the bursary?

Each successful applicant receives £2,000 in their first year of study. The bursary is paid in three instalments over the academic year directly into the student’s bank account.

Who is eligible to apply?

Any student living in Cumbria with a household income of less than £50,000 who is holding an offer to study medicine is welcome to apply.

Successful Applicants 2021

These are some of the students who successfully applied for the bursary this year. We wish them well at this important time in their lives and in their future studies:

Brandon Duncan

Isobel Kelly

Liam Wright

Reece Travis

Past Successful Applicants

Alistair Martin

first year medical student bursary recipient

The CMS Bursary has been with us for a few years now. Alistair Martin was one of the first medical students to successfully apply for the Bursary in 2016 to pursue his studies at Sheffield University. It’s great to know Alistair is now qualified and due to start a medical post in Redditch and we wish him well.

I went to Cockermouth School and started university in 2016.

I received the bursary in my first year, which was fantastic in getting me set up with everything I needed, first year is the most expensive year in some ways. 

Once at university there were many other offers of support if you needed it, financial or otherwise. Money is certainly not a barrier to going to university, even though it can be perceived that way. 

I studied at Sheffield University; Sheffield is a lovely city, with fantastic people. It ticked all of my boxes, smaller city only a few hours’ drive from home with a lot of green space and beautiful scenery nearby. 

Doncaster was my favourite hospital for placements, big enough to see a lot of interesting medicine but small enough to have a very friendly and personal atmosphere.

I am due to start a job in Redditch as an F1 next month, and I feel my university experience has left me well prepared and very much excited for what is to come.

Medicine has been a fantastic choice for me, I’ve experienced so many things I never could have otherwise and it has shaped who I have become in a lot of ways. It is also nowhere near as hard as people make it out, the content is simpler than some of the stuff covered in A level biology and chemistry (there’s just more of it). 

I have always said if you can get the grades to get in you can easily manage medical school.

Good luck!

Miriam Westwood

I am entering my final year of medicine at Newcastle University – it has flown by! The course is everything I hoped for and more; despite being challenging it is also both fascinating and rewarding. Newcastle is a great place to study and I am thoroughly enjoying my time here. 

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