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Cumbria Medical Services

Community Based Vasectomy Service

Service Quality and Performance Report
April 2017 – March 2018


The service is provided by Dr Martin White, GPwSI in general surgery, from Maryport Community Hospital, London Road Community Clinic, Carlisle, Keswick Hospital and Captain French Surgery, Kendal.

Dr Matthieu Bordenave, a consultant urologist from NCUHT also holds a monthly clinic.  The service is indirectly bookable via Choose and Book and can be found under the speciality Urology with the clinic type GPwSI.

All patients are sent a comprehensive information leaflet prior to their procedure and directed to our website for further information including a video of the operation.

The average waiting time from referral to operation is 6 weeks

All patients were operated on within 18 weeks of referral.


501 Patients had a vasectomy performed between April 2017 and March 2018 using the no-scalpel vasectomy technique.

11 Patients did not turn up for their appointment or decided against the procedure on the day.

There is a 16 week delay before the 1st sample is sent for processing so the results are only available to the end of January.

Of the 424 patients who have submitted samples so far:

  • 60% of patients have been confirmed sterile on one or more samples. 
  • 8% of patients had occasional sperm identified on initial analysis. 
  • 0.2% of patients have failed to give a sample so unable to provide clearance.
  • 40% of the total patients have yet to submit samples.

All patients are instructed verbally and in writing, to submit a semen specimen 16 weeks post vasectomy and additional samples at monthly intervals, until no sperm is identified on analysis.  Patients are supplied with the appropriate containers and lab forms and are asked to post their samples in the stamped addressed envelopes provided.

Post Op Complications

  • 0 Patients reported having a post-operative infection needing antibiotics.
  • 0 Patient reported having excessive swelling of the testicle
  • 0 Patients were referred onto secondary care after difficulty palpating the vas.

Patient Satisfaction

All patients are given a survey to fill in immediately following the procedure and also a link to survey monkey for 14 weeks post-surgery for when they return their samples.

They are also given the opportunity to feedback via ‘iwantgreatcare’ and our website

  • 100% Patients who have fed back so far have rated the service as excellent or good.
  • 29% Patients have replied to the 4 month post-surgery survey.

Comments include

April – June 2017

  • Both Doctor performing surgery and nurse providing the talking distraction were excellent.
  • Very kind efficient team.
  • Excellent, thank you.
  • Very friendly and efficient. Put me at ease.
  • I couldn’t have got better service. Very happy. Thank you.
  • Put completely at ease by all members of staff. Thank you.
  • Both Doctor and nurses made me feel at ease.
  • Good people made things easy
  • Medical staff ensured I was at ease and comfortable throughout. Took my mind off the procedure.
  • Very friendly and supportive staff
  • Very good procedure and 100% happy
  • Excellent procedure, very supportive and caring staff.
  • I couldn’t be any happier for the procedure/care I received
  • Fast, pain free, professional operation. Doctors and nurses put me at ease
  • Very good, all staff were very helpful and professional, would definitely recommend
  • So simple, more people should be told how straight forward it is.

October 2017 to March 2018

  • To be fair actually thinking about the procedure is worse than the operation itself
  • All good
  • I did tell the Doctor it was a 'better' experience than going to the dentist!  :-)
  • So much easier and quicker than expected. All staff amazing and caring.   A million thanks!!
  • Was ok, never was going to be pleasant was alright!
  • Could have done with more anaesthetic

For more information on this report or the vasectomy service please contact Pauline Stuart at