Mr Ross Kelly

Mr Ross Kelly (MRCOphth, MBChB(hons), BSc(hons))

MRCOphth, MBChB(hons), BSc(hons)

Mr Kelly graduated from the University of Dundee with honours in 1999 after first obtaining a BSc (hons) in Pharmacology. After working in hospital and general practice he developed an interest in eye health and held a post on the West of Scotland ophthalmology training scheme.

He was awarded the Royal College of Ophthalmologist’s Elizabeth Hunt Medal for outstanding performance in the MRCOphth part II exam and obtained his College membership in 2005. In 2007 he decided to combine his GP training with his interest in ophthalmology and become a GP with Special Interest. Since 2008, he has worked part time in general practice while developing a community eye service in Carlisle and Workington.In recent years, he has also co-authored 3 papers aimed at GP education on eye health, in the British Medical Journal.

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