Community Based Vasectomy Service
Service Quality Performance Report

April 2022 – March 2023


The service is provided by Dr Martin White, GPER in minor surgery. Procedures are carried out in Maryport Community Hospital, Arnside House Surgery, Carlisle (moved to Carlisle Healthcare South in January 2023) and Keswick Hospital.

The service is indirectly bookable via NHS eReferral and can be found under the speciality Urology with the clinic type GPwSI.

All patients are sent a comprehensive information leaflet prior to their procedure and directed to our website for further information, including a video of the operation.

Waiting times

The average waiting time from referral to operation is 4-6 weeks. All patients in this reporting period were operated on within 18 weeks of referral.


The community Vasectomy Service has performed a total of 494 no-scalpel vasectomy procedures in the reporting period between April 2022 – March 2023.

There were 9 missed appointments during this period.

Vasectomy Outcomes

All patients are instructed verbally and in writing, to submit a semen specimen 16 weeks post vasectomy and additional samples at monthly intervals, until no sperm is identified on analysis.  Patients are supplied with the appropriate containers and lab forms and are asked to post their samples in the stamped addressed envelopes provided. A reminder is sent to patients at 20 weeks if no sample has yet been provided. Results listed here therefore show outcomes for procedures carried out during January – December 2022 of which there were 411 vasectomies performed. Of the samples provided:

Number confirmed sterile on one or more samples204
Number which had non-motile sperm present after their 1st or 2nd sample so have been asked to provide a further sample67
Number of patients who have not responded to reminders to send a sample60
Number pf patients who are yet to receive a reminder letter to submit their sample50
Number of patients with motile sperm present after 3 samples9

Patient Satisfaction

All patients are provided with a tablet on the day of the procedure which has a link to Survey Monkey to complete a survey on the day immediately following the procedure. They are also sent another link via text message to complete a survey 14 weeks post-surgery for when patients return their samples.

They are also given the opportunity to feedback via ‘iwantgreatcare’ and on our website .

136 on the day questionnaires have been returned to date. The responses include patients funded through the North Cumbria and South Cumbria & Lancashire ICBs. These were the responses in relation to the quality of the service:

  • Number of patients who recorded a post op infection requiring anti-biotics: 1
  • Number of patients who reported excessive swelling to the testicle:  27

Patient comments included

  • I’ve never felt more at ease with any medical treatment. Fantastic. Quick and reassuring.’
  • ‘Excellent service, very relaxed, great staff’
  • ‘Very friendly doctor and assistants’
  • ‘Good team’
  • ‘Personally I would have felt much more comfortable if there were stitches after the operation to aid along the healing process. It took at least 10 days for the incision to heal as it kept opening up.’
  • ‘Had morning appointment and was still running late’
  • ‘It was highly professional but relaxed throughout couldn’t have asked for a better service’
  • ‘Nothing. Was as comfortable an experience as is could have been’
  • “The staff were all excellent, very friendly and professional. They were great at trying to distract by talking and taking my mind away from what was happening. They answered my questions and gave me confidence in the procedure and what happens afterwards. Thank you.”
  • “I think for a lot of men having to pull your trousers down to be operated on is quite daunting however the staff of the day made me feel very comfortable and we were all able to laugh and joke about the situation which made me feel 100 times better.”
  • “Thank you! Staff were very professional throughout. I’d recommend the procedure to anyone (but just give them fair warning about the pain)”
  • “Absolutely brilliant service and advice from start to finish”
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